Centralna Komisja Egzaminacyjna

The Central Examinations Board operates by the Director of the Inland Navigation Office in Szcze-cin under the article 27 act 1 of the regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 23 January 2003 concerning the professional qualifications and the team of the crew of the ships of inland navigation (Dz.U. No. 50, item 427 as amended).

The Central Examinations Board quizzes on:

  • Navigation certificate of an inland navigation captain (class A and B)
  • Navigation certificate of an inland navigation skipper
  • Certificate of an inland navigation engineer


  • Licences of an inland navigation pilot
  • Certificate of an ADN expert (the expert on the safety of the carriage of Dangerous Goods).

A person who applies for the admission to the examination should submit the following documents to the Commission’s Office at least two weeks before the deadline of the exam:

  • Application for admission to the examination which should include the readings of the section of the waterway and the category and type of a ship which are the subject of application
  • Authenticated copy of a health certificate which confirms the state of health which is required to work at a specified post on board of a ship of the inland navigation
  • Shipping excerpt based on the record in the navigation workbook

And the following documents authorized by the competent Office for Inland Navigation;

  • Shipping excerpt, authenticated by the director of the Maritime Authority, about the shipping practice on the inland maritime or the excerpt of the other document which claims the possession of the maritime job qualifications – when applying for the navigation certificate of an inland navigation captain of class A
  • Authenticated copy of the school certificate
  • Authenticated copy of a previous qualification document
  • 2 photographs sized 2 cm x 2,5 cm
  • Proof of payment for the exam in the amount of 150 PLN for the examination of certificate and 100 PLN for the examination of qualification certificate (paid in the Office).

Two exam sessions are predicted (one in the spring session and one in the autumn session). The deadlines of the exams are fixed depending on the number of applications. At least 10 applications have to arrive to convene the exam session. In case of many candidates, there is a possibility to take an exam in an additional deadline..

The exam courses are organized among others by:

The Study in the Qualification Improvement of the Officers by the Maritime Academy in Szczecin

  • (91) 48 09 717
  • (91) 48-09-489
  • sdko@am.szczecin.pl
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