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Inspectorate of Inland Navigation in Szczecin commenced its operations in February of 1961, taking over supervision of the inland waterways from the Zones of Waterways in Szczecin and Gorzow. The office of the Inspectorate was assigned the location comprising of two rooms at ul. Łasztowa 55 (later ul. Energetyków), where it operated until 1994.

The effort of creating the Inspectorate of Inland Navigation was entrusted to Mr. Marian Generalczyk who acted as manager until 1964. In 1964 Mr. Mieczyslaw Przybylski became the head of the Inspectorate and held this position for several years, until 1981. On 15.12.1981 Minister of Communications appointed Mr. Zdzislaw Moryń, who had previously worked as a senior inspector of the shipping, as head of the Inspectorate. Mr. Zdzislaw Moryń MA, a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University and a graduate of the Technical School of Inland Navigation in Wroclaw. In 2002 he was appointed Director of the Office, a position which he held until his retirement in 2008. From 01.08.2008 the Director of the Office of Inland Navigation was Dr Christopher Wos, graduate of the technical school of Inland Navigation in Kedzierzyn – Kozle and the Department of Transportation and Communications at the University of Szczecin.

In September of 1994 the Inspectorate headquarters was moved to pl. Batory 4 (building of the Maritime Office). For several years, the Inspectorate was in possession of 8 field offices, of which branches in Szczecin-Podjuchy, Gryfin and Kostrzyn operate to date.

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