Director Of The Office

dr inż. Piotr Durajczyk

Director of the Office of Inland Navigation in Szczecin

  1. The competencies of the Director of Inland Navigation in Szczecin include matters related to government administration related to entitlement of navigation on inland waterways in the scope regulated by the Act of 21 December 2000 on Inland Navigation.
  2. The competencies of the Director of Inland Navigation in Szczecin include:
    • Supervision over the safety of inland navigation;
    • Carrying out inspections of ships;
    • Verification of predetermined depth of the shipping channel transit;
    • Monitoring of compliance with the provisions concerning navigation on inland waterways – in ports, harbours and wintering areas;
    • Checking the conditions of the shipping lane markings, sluices, ramps, bridges and other facilities over the waters and within entries of ports,
    • Conduct of proceedings in cases of marine accidents,
    • Control of transport documents and compliance of ship cargo transported with these documents;
    • Control of foreign ships for compliance with transport operations – the provisions of international agreements and permits for those services;
    • Cooperation with other bodies in the field of maritime safety, environmental protection – protecting ports or marinas, including defensive tasks and tasks of non-military nature, preventing terrorist attacks and liquidation of their consequences;
    • Handling of complaints regarding violations of the rights of passengers traveling by inland waterway;
    • Carrying out measurement and technical inspection of the vessel;
    • Management of river information services RIS.
  • Dokument utworzony 22 November 2021
  • Autor dokumentu Igor Szyjan
  • Ostatnia modyfikacja 30 November 2021
  • Autor modyfikacji Igor Szyjan
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